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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

2017: A Year In Cybersecurity Breaches

29.11.2017 by Al McCloud

2017 has been a transformative year for cybersecurity. What was once the interest of a few professionals is now at the front of mind for every consumer who hands over personal information online. Because those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, let’s take a look back at the most impactful data breaches to see if there are any learnings we can bring with us into a new year. 2017 11 January LLoyds Bank A DoS attack was levelled at the bank, usually implemented to disrupt or completely take down a service, but this attack came with…

UKFast’s Children In Need Pyjama Photobooth!

20.11.2017 by Al McCloud

We’ve been called a ‘dream team’ by our clients a fair few times, and we’re starting to see why. Now, it could be that our customer support is second-to-none, but this time it’s probably because we came to work in…

How To Prepare For Your First Black Friday

15.11.2017 by Al McCloud

A major eCommerce event is approaching for fledgeling online businesses - it’s the Black Friday and Cyber Monday tidal wave. If this is your first year online it’s impossible to know what to expect. Regardless, it’s time to get prepared.…

Do eCommerce Shoppers Shop Differently Over Christmas?

8.11.2017 by Al McCloud

For most shoppers at this time of year, the high-street is a no-go area. Despite the fake snow in the windows, brick-and-mortar stores can become overcrowded and overheated. Black Friday is even less fun –shoppers literally race for the best…

A Decade On: What eCommerce Looked Like In 2007

2.11.2017 by Al McCloud

A decade can fly by, can’t it? 10 years ago we were all enjoying or trying to avoid ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna, quoting lines from Juno and watching George W. Bush fumble through yet another speech to the world. It was…