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Ask The Cybersecurity Experts

24 October 2017 by Al McCloud

October is Cyber Security Month, so now is the time to get a better understanding of the threat landscape. We’ve put the most urgent and pressing cybersecurity questions to a range of experts in hacking, phishing, and cybersecurity to find out what is really going on on the other side of your screen.

Adam Chester

Adam Chester
Hacker, Infosec researcher and Senior Pentester

“You will often find that the motivations of any hacker are similar, we all enjoy breaking into systems and finding new and unique ways to achieve a breach”

Tanya Janac

Tanya Janca
Application security evangelist

“[Cyber-criminals] could steal your identity, they could spy on you for an endless amount of time, they could steal embarrassing photos and post them on the internet, they could gather information and try to blackmail you, the list is basically endless.”

Alex Hanff

Alexander Hanff
Privacy activist and creator of  ‘Privacy News’

“Technology has made it increasingly easy to communicate with each other no matter where we are physically located – but technology has also made it much easier to monitor those communications.”


Scott Helme
Security researcher, speaker and author 

“Hackers can be anyone. They could be a single person working alone or a group or organised criminals. Most of the time hackers are looking for a financial reward from their work but there are also a few politically motivated groups too.”

Michele Fincher

Michele Fincher
COO of social engineering consultancy Social Engineer

“Right now phishing is the number one largest concern at the corporate level. It’s a cost-effective way of reaching large numbers of people, and honestly, you only need one person to click on a malicious link to breach a corporate network.”