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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast’s Halloween Photobooth!

31.10.2017 by Al McCloud

As is tradition here at UKFast, this Halloween was a chance for the entire company to get dressed up in some ghoulish garb, sell some doomed desserts and raise some money for a worthy cause. 2017 was no different. With a bigger team than ever, it's no surprise that the outfits were the best we've ever seen. UKFast was a wash of TV shows, movie villains, monsters and mayhem. Best of all, we managed to raise more than £700 for Cancer Research UK. How do you like our costumes? Are they better than our 2016 attempts?  If you fancy joining…

5 Killer Moves to Increase Conversions

26.10.2017 by Al McCloud

At this year’s eCommerce Show North, UKFast Enterprise MD Jonathan Bowers outlined the best ways to improve the efficiency of your online site – the talk was a real hit, so we thought we’d share the best bits with those…

Ask The Cybersecurity Experts

24.10.2017 by Al McCloud

October is Cyber Security Month, so now is the time to get a better understanding of the threat landscape. We've put the most urgent and pressing cybersecurity questions to a range of experts in hacking, phishing, and cybersecurity to find…

Your GDPR Update: 216 Days To Go

20.10.2017 by Al McCloud

Time waits for no man, and data regulation waits for no business. There are just 216 days left to get your business from where it currently stands to a fully GDPR compliant, water-tight data processing machine. How ready are you?…

5 Small But Important Security Measures for Your Online Shop

17.10.2017 by Al McCloud

Are you starting your first eCommerce website? Maybe it's been a while since you last triple-checked your security. With cyber-crime on the increase and new threats emerging all the time, it might be difficult to know where to start. Here…

How Will Public Sector Cloud Change the Face of Britain?

10.10.2017 by Al McCloud

We're pleased to welcome Martin Knapp of UKFast Public Sector to the blog for an insight into the future of public sector cloud. One of the most exciting new ideas in the world of technology can revolutionize how we use…

Your GDPR Update: 232 Days To Go

4.10.2017 by Al McCloud

Just reading UKFast’s latest GDPR puts you in the upper-echelons of UK business owners. New reports this week suggest that the majority of UK SMEs still have little or no understanding of the GDPR. With 232 days left to go,…