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Your GDPR Update – 240 Days To Go

26 September 2017 by Al McCloud

Two hundred and forty days. It seems like the distant future, doesn’t it? But it’s funny how time runs away from you – after all, there are only 90 days ‘til Christmas! How did that happen?

With the GDPR well and truly on the horizon, here’s the latest bite-size news on your new favourite piece of regulation, in one easy-to-read post.

Snapchat appSocial networks will need to segment their consent

Ad management company PageFair has said that the GDPR will force prolific social networks to abandon non-specific opt-out consent requests. Instead, the likes of Google and Facebook will have to replace their catch-all approach to user consent with an app and feature-specific set of opt-in options.

Umbrella businesses which share consent across clearly defined services may find that under GDPR they too are required to collect multiple instances of opt-in consent at the app or service level.


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