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Why Can’t We Vote Online?

30.8.2017 by Al McCloud

The internet lets you invest cautiously in the stock market or gamble away your savings, pay your council tax or book a holiday, socialise with friends or hide away with a movie. However you want to live your life, the internet supports you. And there's not much you can’t do online - but you still can't vote. Why is that? Two-fifths of non-voters might actually vote, if only they could do it from the comfort of their favourite device. For the sake of voter turnout - and in the name of technological advancement - online voting seems like a no-brainer.…

Cyber-Crime: What Is The Risk?

29.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Cyber-attacks are increasing in severity and magnitude. This is in no small part because businesses are failing to identify the many different ways that attacks are carried out by cyber-criminals . The global cost of cyber-crime is in the millions,…

4 eCommerce Predictions That Haven’t Come True

22.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Back in the mid-80s two scriptwriters named Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale sat down to work. They wanted to envision a technological landscape three decades into the future. After many late nights of work, they had imagined a neon, glowing…

Fast Friday -18th August 2017

18.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Here’s our five favourite tech links from the last week! Have a great weekend. 1. Setting a president with tech Whilst the US waited for its president to respond to the reports of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, some tech…

Fast Friday – 11th August 2017

11.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Here's our five favourite tech links from the last week! Have a great weekend. 1. Game Of Pwns  Spoiler-free content ahead, I promise. HBO should focus less on their swords and more or their pas-swords. Get it? See what I did…

Never Look At Your Website As Finished

11.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Following the success of our recent eCommerce webinar, we're delighted to welcome a guest blog from Digital Next COO Mark Blackhurst.  As a joint founder of Digital Next, Google partner and official web partner of UKFast, alongside my brother Justin Blackhurst,…

Just When You Were Starting To Understand GDPR… Here’s The New Data Protection Bill

9.8.2017 by Al McCloud

You don’t need to be an avid follower of the ol’ UKFast blog to know that we are very, very interested in the GDPR. It’s a borderline obsession which has led us to write countless blogs, creating a useful infographic,…

GradCASH – A £1 million Graduate Scheme

8.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Millennials get a pretty hard time in the media. They have a reputation for being lazy, entitled, and drunk, and that’s just the start. Millennials are also blamed for the death of every struggling industry. A recent study by BrandWatch…

Go Green To Increase Conversions

7.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Colour psychology isn’t an exact science. Pop-psychologists like to suggest that colours make us all feel a certain way, but surely nothing is that simple? We all have our own associations with colour. Here on the west side of the…

Expert Week: Adam Chester

4.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Welcome to the final day of our first Expert Week. We like to be in a constant state of learning here at UKFast, and there’s no better way to educate ourselves than spending time in the company of experts. With cybersecurity at…