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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ For Young Sharks

13.7.2017 by Al McCloud

UKFast's long-standing relationship and sponsorship of Sale Sharks will be no surprise to rugby union fans. We're welcoming Sale Sharks guru John in for a guest blog to talk about how the next generation of Sharks is shaping up.  High-profile signings…

Testing Times

11.7.2017 by Al McCloud

Here at the UKFast Campus, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid learning something new. Aside from the constantly evolving tech landscape which keeps us on our toes, we also have dedicated teachers who love nothing more than seeing us in…

The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of Cyber Attacks

10.7.2017 by Al McCloud

If you were to ask my friends what my greatest skill is, they’d all agree that it is my ability to interpret the philosophy of 17th Century Chinese military leaders. Whilst it might be a bit dramatic to describe our…

Fast Friday – 7th July 2017

7.7.2017 by Al McCloud

1. Is it the end of the road for petrol? Volvo has announced plans to put electric motors in all its vehicles in the next two years. By 2019, all new models will be electric or hybrid, a move the…

Modahl Students: The DMSF Graduation Ceremony

5.7.2017 by Al McCloud

Team UKFast don't just host websites, we also host events. This week saw one of our proudest, when our auditorium was the location for the annual Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) graduation ceremony. DMSF works with young people from disadvantaged…

Yes, You Are Ready To Become A Business Mentor

4.7.2017 by Al McCloud

No one remembers your struggles in building a business better than you do. Because of that, it’s easy to develop an imposter syndrome; a belief that you have somehow fluked your way to success and are just waiting to be…

My First Week At UKFast

3.7.2017 by Guest

We're kicking off the week by catching up with Charlotte, one of the students completing work experience here at UKFast. We chatted with Charlotte to find out how her first week at UKFast had gone. When a lot of people…