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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Cybersecurity Expert Week: Social Engineering with Michele Fincher

31.7.2017 by Al McCloud

Welcome to day one of our first Expert Week. We like to be in a constant state of learning here at UKFast, and there's no better way to educate ourselves than spending time in the company of experts. With cybersecurity at the top of the agenda for every online business, it seems the perfect time to get up to speed with all the ways that an attack can strike. Our first of five of experts over five days is Michele Fincher. Michele is the Chief Operating Officer at social engineering consultancy Social Engineer and has over 20 years experience as a behavioural…

Fast Friday – 28th July 2017

28.7.2017 by Al McCloud

This week sees three tech staples being put into retirement. It's the end of support for MS Paint, a couple of iPods, and Flash. We're also pleased to show off our new GDPR infographic. You really need to give this…

12 Steps To GDPR Compliance – Infographic

27.7.2017 by Al McCloud

The GDPR is less than a year away, and businesses failing to comply after 25th May 2018 risk fines of up to €20 million. Can your business afford to risk the fine and the reputational damage? Follow our 12 practical…

7 Worrying Facts About Ransomware

26.7.2017 by Al McCloud

Should you be defending against ransomware? The short answer is yes. The long answer is - yes, and here are just seven reasons to step up your security setup. Fear not though, because your ransomware worries can be answered directly…

7 Important eCommerce Dates

24.7.2017 by Al McCloud

There was a time, a few decades ago, when early eCommerce retailers could enjoy some downtime over Christmas. This was a simpler time, when Christmas shopping was done in shops, on foot, surrounded by hundreds of other vaguely-panicked-slightly-too-hot shoppers. These…

Fast Friday – 21st July 2017

21.7.2017 by Al McCloud

How's your week been? Really? Mine too. This Friday we're talking about quaint British place names, and how those names will be meaningless after robots take over the world. Luckily, we can just move to space post-robocalypse thanks to Google's new…

See the benefits of CDN

21.7.2017 by Al McCloud

Everyone has their own reason to love the internet. Maybe it’s next-day clothes deliveries, access to all the movies, TV shows and music in existence, or that it’s the home of online communities like Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram. Personally, I…

The Passed and the Future

19.7.2017 by Al McCloud

These fine upstanding students have all passed their exams and are on their way to become the tech engineers of the future - and not a bleep-bloop flying cars future, but potentially before the year’s up. Who are these students,…

How Public Sector Accreditations Can Increase Your Customer Base

17.7.2017 by Guest

Accreditation plays a crucial role in the growth and reputation of any business, they're also a legal requirement in many cases. An accreditation allows your business to be officially recognised by a certified and impartial organisation, and demonstrates to customers…

Fast Friday – 14th July 2017

14.7.2017 by Al McCloud

It’s Fast Friday once again. For some businesses the GDPR quest has (barely) begun and Bupa has fallen victim of the latest data breach, but the worst week goes to the man who managed to get stuck inside an ATM…