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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

How much is your password worth?

17.5.2017 by Al McCloud

It’s time to talk passwords, again. It’s only been a week or two since World Password Day. With the discovery of a data breach mother lode, it was great timing. Congratulations on updating your password. Great job on doing that…

The Cisco Networking Academy and UKFast

16.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

The digital world provides endless opportunities. From collaboration and communication, to knowledge and new skills – technology really is everywhere. In recent years it has filtered through every industry, which is why it’s incredibly important for children to come out…

Take 5, take a breath and think about your mental health

10.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. For seven days, from 8th to 14th May 2017, organisations and individuals are shining a light on the subject that for many is still surrounded by stigma. This week is all about reducing the stigma,…

Unlocked London

9.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

According to the government, 65% of large businesses reported a cyber-attack in the past year. Around 50% of all cyber-attacks are targeted towards small businesses, and recent research revealed that a typical FTSE 100 firm is worse off by an average of…

Phishing Attacks are Getting Less Fishy

8.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

Cybercriminals are making it harder to spot something fishy going on with their phishing, even Google isn’t completely safe in the battle to defend its customers from dastardly email attacks. The latest attack took the form of an email, designed…

Getting to Grips with Your New GDPR Responsibilities

5.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

Over the last five weeks, we have been breaking down the parts of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that matter most to you. From changes to consent to the Brexit factor, we’ve lifted the lid on the GDPR so…

High Five!

4.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

What’s it like being part of team UKFast? Is it really a Great Place to Work? Having last night been named the fifth greatest mid-sized workplace in UK – the top mid-sized technology firm and the top in Manchester –…

Happy World Password Day!

4.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

  We all know the rules. Don’t use any personal information to create a password; that means no significant dates, your own name, mother’s maiden name and the like. It must be obscure, a unique combination of letters and numbers.…

Get GDPR Ready With Our Webinar

3.5.2017 by Guest

The winter blues have finally surpassed us and spring is in full swing – a season that’s all about embracing change. So, how ready are you for the GDPR? As of the 25th of May you’ll have exactly 12 months…

Learning Linux

2.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

It is reported that Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” It’s a quote that we hold quite close here at UKFast. We’re always trying to help our…