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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Make Your Choice

24 April 2017 by Alice Cullen

It seems that ballots are like buses here in the UK at the moment; none for a while and then far too many all at once! The referendum, local elections, mayoral elections and now a general election. Perhaps, though, we need to make the most of it! We could drive real change in the country and in the region by backing the right person for the job and tackling the issues that matter the most.

Ahead of the surprise general election in June, there’s an election a little closer to home to consider. Greater Manchester votes for its mayor on May 4th (which is also Star Wars Day, so you could cast your vote and then enjoy a film marathon?).

We’ve been doing our research and having caught up with candidate Andy Burnham about all of his policies and his focus on digital in the region, we’ve decided we’re backing Burnham.

Ultimately, we know the future of our industry relies on skills, which is one of the reasons we’re working so hard to help bridge the skills gap; working with almost 60,000 pupils across the region and soon we’ll be opening a brand new high school. Andy agrees.

When he visited UKFast, Andy announced his intention to hold a digital summit, if elected. By putting technical education and opportunities for young people at the heart of his strategy, he aims to further grow the sector and combat the current tech skills gap. Of course, that’s music to our ears.

Andy is also aiming to end homelessness in the region by 2020 and has a real focus on transport too. Whatever you’re choice for mayor, you’ll be able to cast your vote on May 4th at your local polling station. It’s a big decision to make, but make sure you head over to that little church or school, or wherever your polling station may be and make your voice heard.

Take a look at Andy’s visit to UKFast Campus below…