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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Strength in Numbers with Cisco

23 February 2017 by Alice Cullen

Aaron UKFast

Aaron, our director Training and Education, is dedicated to building a bright future for tech

One of our top priorities at UKFast is laying strong foundations for the future of technology. We’re constantly taking steps and forging partnerships to create a community that not only embraces tech, but also drives its development – beginning with the younger generation. So we’re delighted to announce that we’ve added an impressive string to our educational bow, and have teamed up with global tech giant Cisco to provide tech training in schools across the region!

At UKFast, education is something we take seriously. We’re passionate about equipping our own team with the skills and qualifications to help them develop professionally, but this is only half the story. We’re constantly working with local schools and educational authorities to find new ways of opening young minds to the glory of technology and help to verse children in the industry of the future.

But there is always more to be done – as one of the team rightly put it: “Everyone is talking about the skills shortage in technology, and there’s no way we can combat that shortage if we don’t give the teachers the tools to deliver cutting-edge digital training. Technology is evolving so quickly that we need to focus on supporting teachers and keeping them up to speed with the latest developments.”

Joining forces with Cisco is an incredibly exciting step; the Cisco Net Academy equips teachers with the skills and resources to teach an innovative digital curriculum, with specialist resources and training that will really make a difference to how pupils are taught IT. Following our launch event last week here at UKFast Campus, 73 schools signed up – an incredibly encouraging statistic, and one that gives us real hope for better tech training for children.

The partnership also sees the Open University getting involved to deliver the programme. Andrew Smith, Senior Lecturer in networking and Head of the Cisco Academy Support Centre, is confident that our business brains will spell success: “It’s a fascinating opportunity to work with UKFast and Cisco delivering training and resources to schools and colleges.

“I love the way UKFast thinks: it’s dynamic, it’s interested and it’s engaged. They want to work with schools and support them for the good of the whole community.”

This digital skills gap we’re all talking about is more like an aching chasm, but if we come together with partnerships like this one, who’s to say we can’t shrink it?