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Your Cyber Security Questions Answered

7 February 2017 by Jenn Granger

Today might seem like any other Tuesday but it could be the day that you put business-saving measures in place. Today is Safer Internet Day and it’s a day for bolstering your defences and educating yourself. With that in mind, this morning we talked about how to do passwords right, and this afternoon we’ve looked at some of Google’s most-searched cyber security questions and asked our experts to answer them for you! We also have the answer to this morning’s Twitter poll – did you guess right?

cyber security Google questions UKFast

Cyber security can seem a pretty daunting subject to tackle – both in terms of the consequences of getting it wrong, and in terms of the sheer amount of info out there. This can make it an easy thing to keep putting off, which obviously makes your chances of a breach even higher. Oh the irony.

Threats are on the rise targeting businesses both big and small and can be absolutely crippling for a company, so we wanted to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

To embark on this mystical quest into the world of Cyber Sec, we took some of the most-asked questions about cyber security from Google and asked our experts to answer them for you. You can beam the knowledge straight into your eyeballs in our handy, bite-sized videos below; we promise they’re short and sweet, and jargon-free, and they’ll give you a great kick-start to your cyber security journey.

1. What is escrow?

2. How important is internet security software?

3. How can you prevent a cyber security attack?

Now that you’re basically a security expert, find out the much-anticipated results from our Twitter poll on how quickly passwords can be cracked.

The results of the poll are in and here’s what the Twittersphere guessed would be the hardest passwords to crack from a brute force attack:

22% UKFastCampusManchester
27% UKFast9909!
51% UKF4st1!

The actual results are that UKF4st1! would take only 9 hours to crack, UKFast9909! would take 400 years, and UKFastCampusManchester – which seems like the easiest to guess – would take 45 quantillion years. This is at least partly because attackers are catching on to passwords that have letters instead of numbers. You can find out how to make your password harder to crack by dictionary attack in this morning’s blog.

So, today might seem like just another Tuesday but it could be the day that you win at cyber security, and take a stand to put measures in place that could truly save your business. Don’t delay, protect yourself today!

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