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Are You Clued Up On Black Friday?

Black Friday quiz

Black Friday is just days away, and eCommerce retailers are finalising their preparations for increased traffic and spikes in sales. Be sure to let us know how you do on Twitter! Best of luck!   Share with: Twitter FacebookGoogle+LinkedIn

How To Prepare For Your First Black Friday

A major eCommerce event is approaching for fledgeling online businesses – it’s the Black Friday and Cyber Monday tidal wave. If this is your first year online it’s impossible to know what to expect. Regardless, it’s time to get prepared. Online shoppers expect only the greatest deals for themselves and the plethora of loved ones […]

The South’s Winning Digital Talent

 Dependent on your outlook, this year’s celebration of UK digital entrepreneurship is either nearly over or in full swing. Last night, the country’s best digital entrepreneurs and businesses in the South of the UK were crowned at 2017’s Digital Entrepreneur Awards. The first of the two ceremonies took place in London and recognised startups, small […]

Do eCommerce Shoppers Shop Differently Over Christmas?

UX Christmas

For most shoppers at this time of year, the high-street is a no-go area. Despite the fake snow in the windows, brick-and-mortar stores can become overcrowded and overheated. Black Friday is even less fun –shoppers literally race for the best deals like their life depends on it, putting strangers in a choke-hold for a chance […]

UKFast’s Halloween Photobooth!

Halloween Banner

As is tradition here at UKFast, this Halloween was a chance for the entire company to get dressed up in some ghoulish garb, sell some doomed desserts and raise some money for a worthy cause. 2017 was no different. With a bigger team than ever, it’s no surprise that the outfits were the best we’ve […]

5 Killer Moves to Increase Conversions

eCommerce blog

At this year’s eCommerce Show North, UKFast Enterprise MD Jonathan Bowers outlined the best ways to improve the efficiency of your online site – the talk was a real hit, so we thought we’d share the best bits with those of you who couldn’t make it, and those who lost their UKFast notepad! With online […]

Ask The Cybersecurity Experts

Ask The Cybersecurity Experts

October is Cyber Security Month, so now is the time to get a better understanding of the threat landscape. We’ve put the most urgent and pressing cybersecurity questions to a range of experts in hacking, phishing, and cybersecurity to find out what is really going on on the other side of your screen. Adam Chester […]

Are You A Safe Online Shopper?

online shopper quiz

Do you know your phishing from your fishing? Can you tell when your connection’s not secure? Are you as safe as you think when online shopping? Find out by taking our quiz. Share with: Twitter FacebookGoogle+LinkedIn

Your GDPR Update: 216 Days To Go

GDPR update

Time waits for no man, and data regulation waits for no business. There are just 216 days left to get your business from where it currently stands to a fully GDPR compliant, water-tight data processing machine. How ready are you? No so much? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, as this week’s biggest stories reveal!  1. […]