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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Cyber Security Month: What Should you Consider?

20 October 2016 by Jenn Granger

It’s week three of Cyber Security Month and – if it feels like October will never end (where is Halloween already??) – it’s a reminder that security is a continuous effort and not just a big flashy show at the start. To give you a bit of a boost (and break from me rambling) we’ve delved into the video vault to ask cyber security specialists for their thoughts on what you should be considering to ensure you’re staying protected.

Many moons ago a group of security elders gathered on hallowed ground (UKFast) with one thing on their minds: cyber security.

From where your biggest asset lies, to the (surprising) biggest threat to your security, if you’re ever worried that you’re missing something when it comes to protecting your business then these guys have got it covered with their quick, jargon-free top tips.

That SWAT security team was comprised of: Ken Edwards, Wynchcote Joomla! Specialists; Chris Garrett, Beatroot; Paul Remic, Abacus Consulting; Jonathan Bush, PROCHECKUP; and Paul Brown, PROCHECKUP.

Here are their insights:


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