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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

5 Ways The Internet Has Changed Life

23 August 2016 by Jenn Granger

On the 6th August 1991 the world wide web was born; eighteen days later – 25 years ago today – it shimmied its way onto our screens and into our hearts as the first new users went online. Since then it’s changed our lives in too many ways to count – most of them include gifs of kittens – and there’s been no looking back. Now we live in a digital age and could wax lyrical about how the internet has changed our lives at length; but you know and I know that we’d rather be watching cats playing the keyboard in space, here are five traditional past times that the internet has shaken up.

1. Shopping

We all know that shopping is the worst. Shops are always dead busy, you can never find what you want and tramping around lifting heavy bags is far too close to exercise for my liking. Luckily, the rise of eCommerce – complete with a myriad of discount codes, delivery options and free returns – means that the next time I want to order the High School Musical soundtrack or a five litre bottle of vinegar, I can do so without the judgement of the general public.

Shopping Basket


2. Calls

The death of the landline (remember those?) has given way to smartphones and – if you want to go one step further – video calls and conferences. Although it does mean the number of calls you can take in the comfort of your pyjamas has drastically, and devastatingly, declined.

old phone

video call

3. Letters


letter writing


4. Socialising

Debunking the ridiculous myth that people actually like socialising with their friends and family, you can now avoid all those pesky social interactions by, er, talking to other people, but online.

UKFast Board Meeting Verbier

Social media

5. Searching

Never venture into a library again – find the information you need (and lots that you don’t) on search engines.


google search

So there you have it – the world will never be the same again! What else can you think of that’s changed since the internet came to power?