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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Nice To Tweet You

10.6.2016 by Guest

Mel, our lovely new social media exec, shares her first impressions of UKFast! Before I came to UKFast I knew it was a vibrant, exciting brand, but not being a “techy” I wasn’t quite sure what we did. The brand…

The Space Age

8.6.2016 by Guest

We’re pretty philosophical here at UKFast. At the moment, one of the hot topics around the office is the nature of the office itself. In today's blog Hester goes on a behind-the-scenes tour of UKFast Campus and explains why we…

Top 3 Benefits of eCloud on Its Third Birthday

7.6.2016 by Jenn Granger

It’s three years to the day since the launch of our eCloud range and to celebrate this momentous, beautiful coming-of-age story (because, let’s face it, force-feeding cake to our servers would be a waste of good sponge), we’re talking about…

Put Your Business on Cloud 9 with Our Event

6.6.2016 by Jenn Granger

Are you up to date with the latest in cloud technology? Are you getting the most out of your infrastructure? In this new world where cloud reigns supreme, those that aren’t up to speed are in serious danger of being left…

British Cloud

6.6.2016 by Guest

With over 78% of UK organisations formally adopting at least one cloud-based service over the past few years, UK cloud adoption is well and truly on the rise. As cloud computing becomes increasingly dominant in our increasingly digital world, why…

Fridays at UKFast – 3rd June 2016

3.6.2016 by Jenn Granger

Well everyone, you made it to Friday, it’s a Christmas miracle! This week we’ve been talking about first impressions of UKFast and a mega security breach. We’ve also covered why heroics is about more than just the Lycra and some…

Demystifying Tech for Business

2.6.2016 by Jenn Granger

In glorious, glossy, inky proof that print is not dead, the first edition of BusinessCloud – a magazine aimed at demystifying tech for business – is now hot off the press! The new dream team of our CEO Lawrence and…

What Can Ecommerce Sites Learn From Nosto?

2.6.2016 by Guest

The marketing funnel is a long, winding and ever-so-elusive one that, no matter how much you know about your customers, can be infuriatingly tricky to navigate. Dani explores what you can do! Recent visitors to UKFast Campus, Nosto, created a platform…

Heroics – More Than Just Lycra

1.6.2016 by Jenn Granger

If Marvel has taught us nothing else, it’s that being a hero can be a thankless job. However, last Friday we were honoured to take home Business Pledge Hero of the Year Award at the Oldham College Vocational Qualification Awards…