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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager Benefits For Your Business

20 June 2016 by Jenn Granger

Cast your mind back to the depths of 2014. I can barely remember my own name at this time on a Monday so you’ll be forgiven if you don’t remember the ICANN gTLD rollout that was going on back then. Well, a business-specific gTLD can be a boost for your biz and – if you haven’t taken advantage so far (or even if you have) – there’s one arriving this Wednesday that will be of interest to a few of you out there! In today’s blog we’ll recap what a gTLD is and why it’s good for business.

gTLD .ltd

So, first thing’s first – for those of you that don’t follow the UKFast blog like it’s Obama’s Twitter account, and therefore don’t remember all our amazing insights on gTLDs from last year and the year before, what in Yeezus’s name is a gTLD (and why should you care?)?

A gTLD is a ‘generic top level domain’ (which helps explain it not at all, thanks for nothing to whoever came up with that handy acronym). It’s essentially the end of a domain address – the part of the shebang.

In late 2013 ICANN (the overlords whose domain is domains) started to roll out a whole bunch of new gTLDs to increase the availability of domains for people to register; who hasn’t come up with a perfect .com domain only to find someone else beat you to it?

Plus it gives you a huge neon sign to what type of business you might be; e.g. if you’re looking for London-based businesses (though they don’t have chips and gravy down there so why you would be is a mystery to me), then sites ending in .london could be a good place to start, capiche? You can get lots more answers on domains in your MyUKFast portal under the FAQ section.

With new domains being released every other week we can’t report on them all but we can give a nod to the special ones we think you may be interested in; there are loads for your business and some fun ones too (want to see what .sucks is all about?).

On Wednesday ICANN’s introducing the .ltd domain and we also released .store and .group last week (you can register domains through UKFast). .ltd is a bit less restrictive than the domain and all-round snappier, so for many of you limited businesses out there, this could be a good one to get your hands on.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect gTLD for your site and checked to make sure it’s free, you can pay to register it as your very own for a certain amount of time, but it’s important to get in there quickly because once the domain with the gTLD you want has gone it’s gone; well, at least until the person who has it stops renewing it.

Use our domain availability checker to register today.