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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Even Vader Wants an Apprentice

15 March 2016 by Jenn Granger

When Darth Vader turns up at your office and isn’t the most special guest that day you know something big’s going down. Back in February we welcomed over a hundred apprentices to the UKFast Campus for a special open day. It was incredible to meet so many bright sparks of the future and see them connect with Manchester businesses. We’ve got some exclusive footage from the day that pretty much sums up why apprenticeships are so important!

When Bright Future closed its doors earlier this year many of those affected were apprentices; young people making a start in their chosen career path. We wanted to help out so, alongside local businesses and apprenticeship experts, we put together an Apprenticeship Open Day here at UKFast Campus!

It was an incredible day and it was amazing to see the community rally to help these young people, that had suddenly found themselves adrift through no fault of their own. There were business stands, workshops and talks, with Scott Fletcher of ANS joining Lawrence and our training and education team onstage to share their thoughts on the importance of apprenticeships.

UKFast has now taken on 34 new apprentices (and three new teachers) from the day and we’re committed to helping them as much as possible. The growing focus on apprenticeships across the country will help bridge the digital skills gap and show young people that there are strong alternatives to university – it’s all about being informed so that they can choose what’s right for them.

Hear from the apprentices, and our CEO Lawrence, on why it was so important to get involved. Oh, and watch out for Darth – we can only assume he’s in the market for an apprentice or two as well. May the force be with you!

Take a look at our website for more information on our award-winning apprenticeship scheme!