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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Bringing your Customers Closer

6 April 2015 by Jenn Granger

It’s Easter Monday, which means that you’ve probably spent a fair bit of the weekend eating delicious food. Well, continuing on that theme, we’re sharing some tips from our recent round table on food ecommerce for you today! OK, you’re saying ‘But I sell tiny unicorn figurines playing basketball on the back of a dragon, what good is food ecommerce to me??’ I hear ya. But some of this is pretty universal, and it’s pretty important too.


One of the common problems that came up during the day is that customers can’t touch or feel the products online, making it difficult to bring the products to life – something that many areas of the online market can relate to. It’s missing the personal touch and instant trust – if a jar breaks in the shop you can immediately replace it, which isn’t an option with ecommerce.

The fact that it’s food as well means it can be hard to make it look good online; plus the fact that – unlike say, clothing – you can’t send food back if it’s not good.

Because of this, the more niche industries may have to push themselves even harder, but the results can be great. Much like first impressions in person – and as Peter Gabriel from We Are Creation says – when you’ve only got a couple of seconds to get someone’s attention, you’ve got to make it count; otherwise a competitor is just a click away.

The solution is to put the content under customers’ noses. What the guys at the round table found is the importance of social media. For example, Dan from Approved Food said that the thing that drives in more relevant traffic every time is Facebook, as it’s targeted. Bloggers – especially when a client blogs themselves – are also good. Doing social media well – and realising its importance – is key to any area, no matter how big or small. Here’s the video in full with their thoughts.

And here are their future predictions:

Dan reckons that in the future there will be food couriers only a few miles from you that will deliver your food to you, as supermarkets are charging the same shopping online as in store plus picking costs; and whoever cracks the problem of what to do when someone isn’t in could rule.

Paul Horrocks from thinks nailing the experience you can get from a supermarket online, and getting customers completely comfortable with ordering online, will be the way forward.

Peter Gabriel from We are Creation focuses on mobile experience, so it’s easy to order wherever you are following the “death of the desktop”.

If you want to get involved with a round table and share your insights whilst meeting other industry experts, take a look at our website or give us a call on 0800 231 5915.