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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

PCI Compliance – Assessing The Risks

3 November 2014 by Jenn Granger

PCI compliance is one of those phrases (along with ‘football match’ and ‘life admin’) that makes my brain want to take an indefinite leave of absence. But a) holidays don’t come that easy, and b) it’s not as bad as it sounds. Or at least, it’s important enough that it can’t be ignored; you choose! At a recent PCI round table, we had some industry experts share their wisdom on PCI compliance risk assessment, and they’ve managed to break it down in a (thankfully) brain-friendly way.

PCI compliance is a set of standards that organisations have to stick to if they handle cardholder information for most major types of card payment, so it’s highly likely that it affects you.

They’ve been getting a fair amount of press recently too, with some important changes that you need to know about; and while we’re at it you may as well find out a little bit more about the risks too! Two birds, one gigantic PCI compliance shaped stone and all that…

Our bitesize video takes a look at the risk assessment side of PCI compliance, as told by industry experts; from insurance to where the dangers and damages lie – basically all useful stuff to know! So, kick back and feast your eyes on this little security flavoured treat:

Our next round table is on data security – with a focus on pen testing – on Weds 12th November. To find out more about our round tables and how to get involved take a look at our website.