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Now and Then: How the World’s Changed Since the World Wide Web

12 March 2014 by Jenn Granger

A lot can happen in 25 years.

Our fashion has changed. For the better? Debatable.



Hairstyles are a little less… well, just a little less.



Kids used to just be kids…

rennett stowe

(Image: Flickr, Rennett Stowe)


(Image: Flickr, itselisenicole)

And reading used to be much less confusing…


kindle neff1uk

(Image: Flickr, Neff1UK)

Cars are equally complicated though!


Mercedes Benz C Class

The way we store and move data has changed


(Image: Flickr, Matteotelematico)


…and GameBoys are like tiiiiny computers now.

Nintendo Gameboy

DS air

Though even the big ones have lost a bit of weight.

bournemouth grant too

(Image: Flickr, Bournemouth Grant Too)

Cristiano Betta

(Image: Flickr, Cristiano Betta)

And finally the internet, which has grown from just a twinkle in Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s eye to a global platform affecting the lives of almost everyone in the planet!

andres_herrera 1976

(Image: Flickr, Andres_Herrera 1976)


(Image: Flickr, gabriela.sameco)

What changes have you seen in the last 25 years?