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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Fridays at UKFast – 28th Feb

28.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

This week’s been a good ’un, with some top tips from our recent work experience lad Kyle, and the new technology that can give us superhuman reading speeds. We’ve also had a double whammy on the new domain names released, and how they could affect businesses. Now it’s time to grab a cuppa (or a cocktail) and find out what’s been going on in the rest of the tech world this week! Best of both worlds with Yotaphone A new generation of smartphone has just come out of Russia. Yota Devices launched the new Yotaphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona…

How Spritzing Gives You Superhuman Reading Speeds

27.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

If you were going to have a superpower, having the ability to speed read would be a great one… if things like flying, and collecting unicorns were already taken. Speed reading would probably be handier for everyday life anyway, so…

All That Glitters: .diamonds and More New Domain Name Extensions

26.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

Today a new set of extensions is being rolled out: 26th February 2014 .diamonds, .enterprises, .tips, .voyage If you’ve been thinking about branching out into bling or have a talent for tips then you might want to get in there as…

My Week at UKFast – Kyle

25.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

At UKFast we believe in encouraging talent, helping to foster interest in many different areas of business, and are always looking for the next bright spark. Last week we were very happy to welcome Kyle to the business for his…

Your One-Stop Shop for Domain Name Extensions

24.2.2014 by Alice Cullen

As you might've guessed from our previous posts on the new domain name extensions, there's a fair few more coming our way. So that you can stay up to date with all the latest releases we'll be adding each update…

Fridays at UKFast – 21st Feb

21.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

What a week it's been for tech! We've had the new domain name extensions, how being outside of London could be better for your data, the lowdown on the NHS scheme, and how to stay healthy in front of…

How to Stop your Computer Melting your Mind (and Body)

20.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

If you’re anything like me you probably spend a good 8-9 hours a day sat staring at your computer screen. On more productive days you’re staring at it intensely as you totally kick work’s… attitude. On less productive days, you’re…

The Threat to Your Medical Records

19.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

Data security is finally being upgraded from a supporting role to the star of the show – the one dubious upside of the NSA fallout. It’s made users aware that there are certain things – things that you might assume are…

Location, Location, Colocation

18.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

Disaster recovery has become a hot topic after last week’s floods, as many people’s belongings were washed away, along with their sense of security. So, when a large proportion of the country’s data centres are in the South East –…

Update: More Domain Name Extensions Released

17.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

Last week we talked about the first wave of new domain name extensions and this week the second installment was rolled out as The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) begins to push the number of available gTLDs from…