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#BacktoBasics: What is Service Monitoring?

29 October 2013 by Emma Blunt

In the world of IT, service monitoring refers to a system used by hosting providers to check on servers within a network.

The system’s purpose is to ascertain whether each server is online and working as it should be. It’s a great way to get an overview of how effectively solutions are operating. At UKFast, service monitoring checks up on a server every five minutes, sending out an alert if there are three consecutive failures.

An example of this function is ping, which you may have heard of. Just one letter off the name of a friendly yet inarticulate penguin, ping is the most commonly used health check for monitoring server functionality. It does this by sending an echo request to a server and waiting for a response.

An invalid response will prompt it to run subsequent checks at shorter intervals, a mere minute apart. After three consecutive failures, it will then send an alert to both the client and the support team.

This early warning system means that issues can be resolved before they impact the performance of a solution.

UKFast clients can enable monitoring in two ways: by calling up their account manager or simply by logging into their MyUKFast portal and clicking on ‘services’. They can then choose the server they want to monitor and the elements they would like monitoring, such as HTTP, FTP and POP3.

Alerts can be received via email or text, depending on the requirements of the user.