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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Could Gaming Animate Your Business Plan?

25 September 2013 by Emma Blunt

Gaming and animation are increasing in popularity, and more and more businesses are incorporating them into their marketing and communications strategies.  Here, we examine how best to use them…

Modern uses of animation are expanding and it is always interesting to see fresh new ways of using this medium to enhance a business strategy. At a recent round table event at UKFast, a number of experts on the subject discussed the best ways to utilise both gaming and animation.

The initial foray into this kind of media was encouraged by many of the panel although caution was advised, prioritising reasoned and well thought-out approaches over impulsive experimentation as Garry Byrne from Powered By Reason pointed out, explaining: “It’s not a given that using one or the other will always enhance your marketing strategy but when you do want to use it make sure you use it properly.

“It needs to be part of a well-planned communications plan. You need to know what it’s trying to achieve and that that’s the best avenue to achieve it. If you don’t do that then it could waste your money or even alienate your users by doing something that’s wrong for them just because other people are doing it.”

Jon Turner from Kilogramme concurred, adding an additional warning about brand representation: “If you cut corners and you make cheap animation it makes your company look cheap,” he explained.  “It’s about image, the one you want to present to the world. Animation gives you the tools to present that image.”

To achieve the best results from gaming and animation, consideration of audience was highlighted as an essential part of the approach. Nina Mack from Worship Digital explained that: “SMEs can use gaming to enhance their marketing strategy by thinking about who their target customers are. Having a game that’s fun and engaging is fine but you also have to think about the message.

“Make sure that you entwine your brand message into the game, thinking about your objectives, whether that’s getting their email address or a bit more data, or figuring out how you’re going to convert them into a customer, potentially, from that interaction.”

Chris Marsh from UKFast agreed, adding: “It is always about the goal. Animation is a great way of being able to market yourself to your target audience as long as you don’t have time limitations to contend with.”

Overall, the feeling towards gaming and animation as a part of business’s marketing and communication strategy was one of excitement and creative potential. Alex Amsel from Tuna Technologies summarised this feeling with his comment on gaming in particular, observing that: “It allows a high level of engagement with your audience and you can tailor that engagement according to their needs. By doing that they’re going to know your brand a hell of a lot better!”