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Everything for the eCommerce Expert

30.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

We've been counting down the days and now it's finally here; this Wednesday, the eCommerce Expo opens at Olympia London! Celebrating the world of online business, the expo brings together industry leaders and key suppliers, making it the perfect place to network with and learn from the best in the business. We'll be there with a stand close to the entrance - look for the motorbike and you'll find us! It'd be great to meet as many of you guys as possible to pop over for a chat and to soak up the Best of British. Also, don't miss UKFast MD…

Trending Tech: Are Curves the Future?

26.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

International news websites were awash yesterday with an announcement from Samsung which is set to launch a smartphone with a curved display in October. Is this a future trend or a tech dead end? Let's take a look... DJ Lee,…

Could Gaming Animate Your Business Plan?

25.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

Gaming and animation are increasing in popularity, and more and more businesses are incorporating them into their marketing and communications strategies.  Here, we examine how best to use them... Modern uses of animation are expanding and it is always interesting…

Trending Tech: Why “Mobile” Doesn’t Always Mean “Small”

18.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

As a new breed of phones and tablets with screen resolutions higher than some PCs grows ever-bigger, we ask what this means for web developers and their designs. From desktops to netbooks, mobiles and tablets, the variety of media from…

PHPNW13 – It’s Almost Time!

18.9.2013 by Alice Cullen

PHPNW13 is merely weeks away, bringing together the best in the PHP development world and driving the buzz that’s making Manchester such an exciting place to be and we are delighted to once again be sponsoring the event. The event…

An Eye for an Eye, A Finger for an iPhone

16.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

The launch of Apple's new iPhone 5S has been dominated by talk of its fingerprint scanner. So, will this technology become more commonplace now or will security concerns stamp out Apple's handiwork? The reaction to the iPhone 5S has been…

Trending Tech: What’s the point in the new Yahoo! Logo?

12.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

Yahoo! has announced its logo update and gone are the days of the fun looking bubble and ker--zy font, it's now pretty simple - literally, white writing in a bluish purple box. So, why has the tech media gone into a…

Firewall Updates Made Easier For Customers

11.9.2013 by Emma Blunt


Trending Tech: EchoSEC

10.9.2013 by Emma Blunt

If you could see inside company buildings, neighbours' houses and secure locations like government buildings, would you? Here, we look into the technology and security risks of applications that make this snooping scenario a reality. Typing a postcode into the…

Culture Matcha is Essential for Freelance Success

9.9.2013 by Alice Cullen

Skills are not enough for freelance developers; culture is the key to career success according to a panel of business experts. Adam Fleming, CTO of app developers Apadmi agreed. He said: “When you build a business over a number of…