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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

#BacktoBasics – What is Load Balancing?

5 August 2013 by Emma Blunt

In this face-paced world of ours, slow page-load speeds can be very irritating. For a business, they can also deplete a customer base and damage reputation. So, what is load balancing and how can it help?

Websites are hosted on servers housed in data centres. Many receive high levels of traffic each day and, as you might imagine, this puts quite a burden on the server. Load balancing takes the overall hosting burden and spreads it across multiple devices so that at any given point in time, a single device of hardware isn’t overwhelmed.
• Reduced downtime: Load balancing allows you to have scheduled maintenance work without the end users of your website experiencing any disruption because the burden would be redirected to another server. Using a single server to host a high traffic website is a bit like putting all of your eggs in one basket!
• Redundancy: As the load balanced servers work simultaneously together, it means that if one should fail, the other will carry on automatically. Load balancing helps to eliminate all single points of failure in a hosting solution. At UKFast, we use a minimum of two servers and locate them in independent racks which are fed by separate power feeds.
Who is it for?
Medium to large business, e-commerce business and any mission critical application. Any business that simply can’t afford downtime should consider investing. As we’re all aware, high levels of uptime equate to good level of customer experience.
The last thing any business wants is to damage their customer’s user experience by overwhelming any one server in their solution and encountering slower response times. Server load balancing is an effective scalable solution to improve availability, performance and security for business critical applications.

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