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#BacktoBasics: What is SaaS?

22.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

Everyone loves an acronym but when technology is involved, they can be difficult to decipher. So, what is SaaS and what is it used for? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. In essence, it is a way for companies to use applications and access data over the internet. The software is owned, delivered and managed remotely by providers but can be utilised by customers from any device with an internet connection. So, instead of having to invest in and install software, companies basically rent it from providers and access it online. This makes it cost-effective and, with security updates…

TrendingTech: Ubuntu Edge

19.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

They have set their targets high in the name of innovation but will Canonical raise enough money for the development of Ubuntu Edge, a device people are calling the next generation of personal computing? Canonical, the developers of the Linux-based…

#BacktoBasics: Taking Precautions

14.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

The hacking of a charity's website recently serves as a stark reminder that, whether you're a gigantic corporation or a charitable organisation, there's no immunity from cyber-attacks In April this year, hypoparathyroidism charity HPTH UK was hacked and personal details…

August 2013 Security Bulletin Release Advance Notification

9.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

This ‘Patch Tuesday’ for August 2013, sees the release of 8 bulletins: Bulletin Breakdown: 3 bulletins are rated as Critical 5 Bulletin is rated as Important Affected Products: All Internet Explorer versions All supported Windows Operating Systems The following table…

#BacktoBasics – What is PCI Compliance?

7.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

PCI Compliance is all about ensuring a high standard of payment card data protection. But what standards do companies need to meet in order to achieve compliance and what does it mean for their customers? For companies dealing with customer…

#BacktoBasics – What is Load Balancing?

5.8.2013 by Emma Blunt

In this face-paced world of ours, slow page-load speeds can be very irritating. For a business, they can also deplete a customer base and damage reputation. So, what is load balancing and how can it help? Websites are hosted on…