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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Outsourcing Data Centres for a Healthy Business

25 March 2013 by Alice Cullen

From e-commerce to financial services to leisure activities – whatever your business; if you rely on your website, you rely on data centres. Data centres are the heart of the internet; they need to be strong and reliable to keep your business alive. In an ideal world, companies would host their own data but in reality, owning and managing a data centre is something only a handful of large companies can afford.

At a recent UKFast round table event, a panel of data centre experts discussed the implications of outsourcing data centres.

The panellists included Tim Anker (Colo-X), Rudi Feitsma (UKFast), Stephan James (Level 3), Stephen Jarvis (Glasshouse) and Sarah Wilkinson (CBRE).

UKFast’s director of data centre sales Rudi Feitsma kicked the discussion off outlining the benefits of business’ outsourcing data centres. He noted the platform and facilities an outsourced data centre offers can give businesses the security to deliver their services continually, and keep high standards as the business evolves. Having these facilities in place allow the business to be about its drivers rather than the IT behind it.

Stephan James made the point that outsourcing gives businesses choice, allowing them to adapt quickly to change, without the restrictions involved with in-house IT departments. Steve Jarvis went a step further and highlighted the significant cost savings available when outsourcing data centres.  In addition, the agile infrastructure it provides means that IT can be consumed rapidly, giving businesses much-needed flexibility as well as all-important cost efficiency.

The advantages of being able to access multiple networks were raised by Colo-X’s Tim Anker. The difficulties of trying to persuade carriers to come into your own facility within your own business can be avoided by outsourcing to a well-connected data centre, with access to multiple carriers you can quickly connect to. This is not to mention the possibility of being able to make important connections and even find potential new business partners through your chosen data centre.

For Sarah Wilkinson, the biggest benefit of outsourcing a data centre is the ability to select a service with the agility to respond to your business’ changing needs. Business is and needs to be an ever changing thing so services used need to respond to this accordingly.

Data outsourcing proved to be a unanimous ‘yes’ with our panel. For most businesses, outsourcing is of course a necessity rather than a choice, but the benefits remain – security, flexibility and phenomenal cost savings. If you’re still a few steps away from investing in your own data centre, then outsourcing is a strong alternative. Choosing the right environment will keep the lifeblood of your business flowing and your future healthy.