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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Outsourcing Data Centres for a Healthy Business

25.3.2013 by Alice Cullen

From e-commerce to financial services to leisure activities – whatever your business; if you rely on your website, you rely on data centres. Data centres are the heart of the internet; they need to be strong and reliable to keep your business alive. In an ideal world, companies would host their own data but in reality, owning and managing a data centre is something only a handful of large companies can afford. At a recent UKFast round table event, a panel of data centre experts discussed the implications of outsourcing data centres. The panellists included Tim Anker (Colo-X), Rudi Feitsma…

Searching for Success: Organic Vs. PPC

21.3.2013 by Alice Cullen

As the relevance of the term SEO evolves, where do traditional organic and pay per click (PPC) search practices fit in? We asked a panel of SEO experts for their thoughts. There is no doubt that achieving a prominent ranking…

#BacktoBasics: Your Webcelerator Part 5

18.3.2013 by Boba

Today, we take a look into the final preparations before setting your Webcelerator live. You've covered the basics, tested, tested and tested again - now what? HTTP Status Codes Having a Webcelerator in front of your solution can present you…

Business, Technology and Sports – A Perfect Harmony?

13.3.2013 by Alice Cullen

Here at UKFast we are firm believers in the connection between sport and business. And we’re even happier to see a connection between business, technology and sport. So when we saw that search engine Giant, Google have recently unveiled new…

BacktoBasics: Your Webcelerator Part 4

11.3.2013 by Boba

In the latest of our Webcelerator posts we're looking at cookies, cache control and purging as we delve into deeper into making the most of your web acceleration technology. Cookie Monster Cookies are the enemy of caching. By setting a…

International Women’s Day: “I am Woman, Hear Me Talk Technology”

8.3.2013 by Guest

Emma, the latest addition to the UKFast Comms team, shares her thoughts on what it is like to be a woman in technology on International Women's day. Walking into the offices of a leading technology company, one might not expect…

Need for Speed

8.3.2013 by Alice Cullen

For some time now we have known that website speed affects the conversion of the site, but what about speed across the whole business. How do businesses accommodate modern shoppers and their need for speed? In 2009 Google revealed research…

Why NPS and Customer Feedback Is So Important to UKFast

6.3.2013 by Guest

In a guest post from our Director of Service Chris, we take a look at why our Net Promoter Score is so important and why we always ask ‘how can we do better?’ Feedback from our customers is vital to…

#BackToBasics: Your Webcelerator Part 3

4.3.2013 by Boba

In the latest post in the Webcelerator series, we take a look at the importance of testing your web accelerator to make the most of it. Test, test and test some more. Introducing a cache into your infrastructure can cause…