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Five Web Design Trends NOT to Follow in 2013

24.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

We have been inundated with articles telling us the latest trends for 2013 and what we should be doing for the rest of the year, but what about the trends that we really shouldn't be following? Our web design arm HarperJames takes a look at the web design 'do nots' that should be left behind in 2012. 1. Over-the-top Design “Less is more,” some say. “The bigger, the better!” others exclaim. While it’s certainly nice to have variety, it can be tempting to get carried away and fill the site with unnecessary graphics and videos within an eye-watering layout. In an attempt…

Why Build Links to Your Website?

22.1.2013 by Guest

In a guest post written article by Matt Fielding, head of search at Manchester-based link building agency Custard, we take a look at the truth behind the SEO buzz of link building. If you own a website, chances are you want traffic…

Facebook ‘Graph Search’ Lets Users Search Friends, Not Web

18.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

Everybody’s favourite social networking site has come up with an even more revolutionary method to stalk scour your friends’ profiles. But with so much data freely available for all and sundry, is such a search tool really designed for our…

2013: The Year of Data

11.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

It’s endless and it’s everywhere. What am I talking about? Data, of course. As one of the world’s most valuable commodities, data fuels everything we do – from how and where we store it to the way we exchange it…

How Can the UK Defend Against Cyber-Attacks?

9.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

Britain’s armed forces could be “fatally compromised” by a cyber attack according to a warning issued by the country’s MPs.As the government strengthens it guard against cyber threat, we take a look at what this means for your business. Whilst…

January 2013 Security Bulletin Release

9.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

This month there are seven security bulletins in the Microsoft Security Bulletin release: 2 bulletin is rated as Critical 5 bulletins are rated as Important 2 bulletins addressing vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote Code Execution Bulletin ID Maximum Severity…

January 2013 Advanced Notification of Microsoft Security Bulletin Release

4.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

This is an advance notification of security bulletins that Microsoft is intending to release in August 2012. Bulletin breakdown: 2 bulletins are rated as Critical 5 bulletins are rated as Important 2 bulletins addressing vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote…

UK Government to Launch Online Security Campaign

4.1.2013 by Alice Cullen

Nowadays it seems that kids are growing up far too quickly – socialising online courtesy of their Facebook accounts, instant messaging their friends via their smartphones, and befriending new people in chat rooms and forums. It is this maturity beyond…