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W3C Announces HTML5 As Now ‘Feature Complete’

31.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has revealed that after three years of refining its HTML5 specification, it’s finally complete. However, with HTML5 requiring a few more tweaks until it is completely finalised in 2014, many critics have been left wondering how the organisation plans to address the issue of video. “HTML5 is the cornerstone of the Open Web Platform” “As of today, businesses know what they can rely on for HTML5 in the coming years, and what their customers will demand,” explained W3C CEO, Jeff Jaffe, adding: “Likewise developers will know what skills to cultivate to reach smart phones, cars,…

The Changing Face of SEO

30.12.2012 by Guest

Alex Moss, the co-founder and technical director of Firecask shares his opinions on the future of SEO and how SEO is fast-evolving. This month I was one of 6 specialists who attended UKFast’s round table sessions where we covered the…

#BackToBasics – What is Colocation?

24.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

Maintaining complete control of your hardware but connecting it to an industry-leading network with aggregated bandwidth and 100% network uptime guarantee - sound too good to be true? With colocation at UKFast it is a reality, but is it the…

December 2012 Microsoft Security Bulletin Release

21.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

This month there are seven security bulletins in the Microsoft Security Bulletin release: 4 bulletin is rated as Critical 3 bulletins are rated as Important 6 bulletins addressing vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote Code Execution Bulletin ID Maximum Severity…

How to Turn Website Browsers Into Buyers With Conversion Rate Optimisation

18.12.2012 by Guest

In a guest post by Matt Fielding, Head of Search at Custard online marketing in Greater Manchester, we take a look at true conversion rate optimisation. Firstly, this post isn’t about changing the colour of a button or the wording…

Enterprise Technology Predictions for 2013

14.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

This year enterprise technology has been dominated by buzzwords including BYOD, cloud and big data, each with promises to revolutionise business practices. So what does 2013 hold? Will cloud continue to dominate the business world? Will we get a handle…

Protect yourself from Spear Phishing: Security Through Obscurity

11.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

Here’s a question: what’s tripled in the last year, cost organisations £808 million in financial losses and lost business, and produces 8 victims for every 100,000 targeted users? Answer: spear phishing. Fraud is now recognised as one of the most…

Proving Site Security with EV SSL Certificates

7.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

As online shoppers become increasingly savvy to the cyber threats they face and the cyber threats themselves increase in complexity and frequency, how do you prove that you are who you say you are online? Once upon a time SSL…

Scale Up for Christmas

7.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. More importantly, the peak season for e-commerce is already upon us. With an expected 22% rise in online shopping this festive season, is your business to ready to cope with the increase…

Text Messaging Celebrates Its 20th Birthday

3.12.2012 by Alice Cullen

Today sees billions of mobile users celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SMS (Short Messaging Service) – after 22-year-old Neil Papworth sent out the world’s first ever text message way back on 3 December 1992. Sending a text message reading…