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Is Responsive Web Design Really ‘Responsive’?

26.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

The rising popularity of mobile shopping has seen increased pressure on businesses to present their sites within a mobile-friendly format, resulting in many a web development team embracing the concept of responsive web design (RWD). By optimising online content to accommodate the range of devices each with a different screen size, research has shown enhanced user engagement – resulting in enhanced profits. But is this type of design really as responsive as it claims to be? Despite the belief that RWD should be a universal ideology, there are several factors to both sway and repel organisations from adopting the principle.…

Not Your Photo? You’ve Been ‘Framed’

22.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

A while ago, a friend sent me a funny cartoon depicting a character contemplating cross-post Instagram images through Tumblr or linking tweets to Facebook. While it may sound like a trivial thought, you'd be surprised at the amount of people…

November 2012 Microsoft Security Bulletin Release

19.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

This month there are nine security bulletins in the Microsoft Security Bulletin release: 4 bulletin is rated as Critical 1 bulletins are rated as Important 5 bulletins addressing vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote Code Execution Bulletin ID Maximum Severity…

Are You And Your Business Ready for IPv6?

9.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

If your business relies on the internet then you need to ensure you're prepared for the move to the new IP address protocol, better known as IPv6. Don't worry, at UKFast we have got it covered and have pulled together…

Creativity and Entrepreneurialism: The New Coffee and Cake

9.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

Start-ups in Dubai have taken to using coffee culture to build businesses, make friends and spread ideas. Is taking networking back to basics and away from social media the way to build great businesses? The BBC recently reported that a…

Election 2012 – Not Just a Great Night for Obama

7.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

Last night the world witnessed American President Barack Obama win a second term in office, but it was a successful night for another American behemoth too...Twitter. We have come to accept Twitter as the first point of call for breaking…

Remember Remember the Month of Movember!

5.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

As the calendar page turned to reveal a new month, a crew of brave mo-sketeers smoothed their chins and upper lips, put down their razors and prepared to cultivate the ultimate in face-fuzz in the name of charity. A whopping…

BYOD – Ruining the Party?

2.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

Businesses are being urged to consider the implications of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and protect their data and networks to avoid large-scale data loss. Freedom to Work Mobile technology is fantastic, and here at UKFast we couldn't live without…

Join the US ‘Cyber Geek Army’

1.11.2012 by Alice Cullen

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reported to be implementing a 'Cyber Reserve' of computer security experts to counter cyber-attacks, building their very own cyber geek army. March with the Cyber Reserve War has changed. Long gone are the…