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Q&A: What does the swappiness parameter actually do?

27.2.2012 by Pingu

The first in a series of technical 'question and answer' guest posts written by one of the UKFast Linux aficionados I've seen a lot of people posting subjective explanations of what this does. Here is hopefully a more full answer. In the split LRU on post 2.6.28 Linux, swappiness is a multiplier used to arbitrarily modify the fraction that is calculated determining the pressure built up in both LRUs. So, for example on a system with no free memory left,  the value of the existing memory you have is measured based on of the rate of how much memory is…

Raspberry Pi – Why is the tech world so excited about something so simple?

24.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

It's an innovation that's got the tech-world in a flutter. Techies are desperate to be the first to get their hands on it. It is being tipped to revolutionise IT education in schools. 'What is it?' I hear you say.…

Top Tips for Moving Into Mobile

23.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

With mobile now not only a viable, but an expected marketing channel, businesses are flocking to build a presence on the mobile web. Desktop sites may load on most modern mobile devices but is this the best way to make…

High Court to Serve Claim via Facebook

21.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

The High Court is to serve a claim via Facebook in what is believed to be the first time a social network has been used by an English High Court. The case involves a $2.1m (£1.3m) claim brought by the…

The Online Security Debate

15.2.2012 by Guest

This is a guest post by Prof. dr. Paul De Hert, an international human rights expert. The bulk of his work is devoted, but not limited, to criminal law and technology & privacy law. As the data environment (and the…

February 2012 Security Bulletin Release

15.2.2012 by James Crawshaw

As mentioned in February’s advance notification post this month’s security bulletin releases are now confirmed to contain 9 bulletins addressing 21 vulnerabilities. The following table shows affected software by bulletin and the likelihood of an Operating System restart being required…

Second Flaw Found in Google Wallet

13.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

Google Wallet can be broken into without having to hack into it or decrypt the user's PIN. The Smartphone Champ spotted the flaw which enables access to Google Wallet simply by resetting the application data on the phone – this…

LinkedIn Announces 150 Millionth User

12.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

LinkedIn has hit the 150 million members mark - a 20 million increase over November. The company released the figures in its fourth quarter and full-year 2011 results. The site now has more than eight million users in the UK…

Apple Factory Protests Escalate as Foxconn Hacked

10.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

Foxconn, Apple's controversial Chinese supplier, is battling to contain a security breach as hackers join the escalating protest over iPhone factory conditions. Hacker group, Swagg Security leaked the login details of Foxconn’s entire staff on Thursday, including the CEO of…

Need a job? There’s an app for that!

8.2.2012 by Alice Cullen

Flinging angry birds at green pigs, adding filters to your photos and booking a table at your favourite restaurant through an app has become second nature to the millions of smartphone users out there. A report released today has revealed…