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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

CIO’s Top Cloud Concerns

24 November 2011 by Jenn Granger

This week PC Pro released a report on cloud computing in 2012. One of the areas it looks at is the top cloud concerns for CIO’s.

Not surprisingly data security heads up the list. The past year has seen a lot of press about security concerns in the cloud. Public clouds in particular are vulnerable to security breaches. However, as with all areas of data security it is the people handling the data who play the biggest role in how secure it is. Cloud computing does offer a high level of security but only if implemented and maintained correctly. The perception is that it is harder to achieve high levels of security within the cloud than using more traditional hosting.

Cost and the uncertainty of exactly how much will be saved using cloud is the second biggest concern. This is likely to be a general symptom of confusion over the cloud and the varying jargon surrounding it. As CIO’s become more au fait with the cloud, comparing to other services should be easier.

Loss of control ranks third. Often companies are unaware of exactly where their data is stored when they move to the cloud. The very nature of the clouds ability to bring further resources on line means companies cannot keep track of exactly what hardware their data is on leading to some insecurities.

In some ways it is surprising that reliability comes in fourth on the list as the cloud is touted as providing an ‘always on’ service. However high profile outages on Amazon EC2 have raised doubts over how reliable the cloud actually is. In truth, provided a cloud network is well maintained and set up correctly the cloud should provide very high availability.

Other concerns include regulation or compliance; data portability; software compatibility; performance; and lock-in.


I would expect that over the next 12 months many of these issues are addressed and understanding of the cloud grows. Come next year a similar list of concerns over the cloud may well look very different.

Do you agree with this list?