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Westminster Steps Up Cybercrime Battle

29.11.2011 by Alice Cullen

The fight against cybercrime in the UK was ramped up on Friday with the publication of the government's Cyber Security Strategy. The policy paints a detailed picture about how the government will tackle cyber crime, with an unprecedented cooperation with the private sector. The linkup between the government and private sector will see firms such as Vodafone, Barclays and BT, develop a pilot sharing scheme with the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). It seems the government has recognised that it can't tackle cyber security alone and it is hoped that the 'sharing system' will be two-way stream with some businesses expressing…

CIO’s Top Cloud Concerns

24.11.2011 by Jenn Granger

This week PC Pro released a report on cloud computing in 2012. One of the areas it looks at is the top cloud concerns for CIO's. Not surprisingly data security heads up the list. The past year has seen a…

Public. Hybrid. Private. Who, What, Where, When?

15.11.2011 by Jenn Granger

Cloud hosting has exploded in recent years and to many businesses it is seen as the best option during these tough economic times. However many still do not fully understand exactly what the cloud is, how the different types work…

November 2011 Microsoft Security Bulletin Release

9.11.2011 by James Crawshaw

As mentioned in Novembers advance notification post this month's security bulletin releases are now confirmed to contain 4 bulletins addressing 4 vulnerabilities. The following table shows affected software by bulletin and the likelihood of an Operating System restart being required and hence impacting…

November 2011 Security Bulletin Release Advance Notification

7.11.2011 by James Crawshaw

This 'Patch Tuesday' for November 2011, sees the release of 4 bulletins addressing 4 vulnerabilities. Bulletin Breakdown: 1 bulletin is rated Critical, 2 are Important and 1 Moderate 2 vulnerabilities can lead to Remote Code Execution 1 vulnerability can lead…

Cyber Security in the UK – Are We Lagging Behind?

4.11.2011 by Alice Cullen

Cyber crime costs the UK economy around £27billion each year. Each month UK businesses lose more than £766million from IP theft. Each day 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked. Internet security should be at the forefront of everyone's priorities, especially for…

Chemical Industry Secrets Exposed

1.11.2011 by Jenn Granger

Symantec has released a report outlining a "recent targeted attack campaign directed primarily at private companies involved in the research, development, and manufacture of chemicals and advanced materials." The attack, named Nitro, appears to have been aimed at collecting intellectual…