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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip #5 Like Birds of a Feather They Go Together – Service and Quality

7 October 2011 by Alice Cullen

Today National Customer Service Week draws to a close and I’d like to share my final service tip “Quality”. Quality goes hand in hand with customer service.

I have had the pleasure of being responsible for our ISO 9001 certification and truly recognise how important it is to provide a framework of continual and never ending improvement for your service and it’s systems. There are two big things that frustrate me as a customer – firstly, poor interpersonal service skills for example rude staff who cannot empathise and secondly, poor quality.

If a process wastes my time or a product breaks then I build up a negative feeling towards it. If you focus on continually improving your quality you directly improve your customer’s experience and their feelings towards you. I only have to look at shops like John Lewis who focus on well trained, polite, helpful staff and they only stock quality products. You won’t find budget products in John Lewis. The result being that their customers have more great experiences.

It is has been great to focus on service and get everyone talking and celebrating it. We have just announced the winners of our five annual service superstar awards that we connect to our companies core values. It was a pleasure to read everyone’s nominations, here is one of my favourites:

“He embodies all of our core values, particularly supportive. Patience of a saint and customer focus to admire!”

Have a great weekend and remember to say thanks to those people who support you.