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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip #3 Measure for Pleasure

5 October 2011 by Alice Cullen

Day three of National Customer Service week and the fun continues. Today the voting begins for the service superstars of the year.

My tip for the day is to measure service. Measuring is itself a challenge, but the most important and potentially difficult part of measuring service is deciding what is most important for your business to measure.

If you are in any doubt whether to measure quality of service and length of call queues ask yourself the simple question: “Would an Olympic athelete run 1500 metres a day and not time themselves?”

Everyone likes to feel they’re making progress. I have seen the following benefits from taking measurements:

* An increase in productivity.

* An increase in engineer call quality.

* Better forward planning using trend information.

* Recognition that areas of the business require focus. We were seeing a large proportion of our client tickets were purely backup related. It made sense to analyze why and implement some changes to streamline this area.

There is a well known phrase “people respect what you inspect”. I have seen it first hand and if someone is watching my performance in a certain area I will be sure to do the best job I can.

My favourite focus for measurements is quality. One way is to do full circle feedback and ask service professionals to review their own work with a coach. It gives me pleasure to see improvement in our service and specifically individuals so I simply say measure for pleasure and believe me that the results will follow.


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