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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip #2 Train for the Olympic Games

4 October 2011 by Alice Cullen

Day two of National Customer Service Week. Today’s tip is ‘Training’.

My customers are not just our huge client base, but also the people that I am focussed on training and leading each day. To provide Raving Fan service you need a team of people with a Raving Fan attitude and a solid level of training so they don’t make mistakes and they understand your processes and products.

Our technical support team are getting five hours training this week focussed on service. Next week we have four hours of process training scheduled. I am the first to admit that over recent weeks training has not happened as frequently as we’d all like. I created an analogy the other day that made me stop in my tracks and take action.

Next year London hosts the Olympic Games. Would you expect to compete and win a medal if you trained for a few hours then had a break for a week to then do a few minutes here and there? Olympic athletes take training very seriously and it is a continual measured process. Leroy Burrell twice set the world record for the 100 meters sprint he famously said:

“The more I train, the more I realise I have more speed in me.”

I see myself and the team as a set of olympic athletes. We all have to take responsibility and take our training really seriously. I’ve worked in large organisations who simply don’t provide the budget, time and most importantly the focus on training. It is a great shame. I encourage everyone to ask themselves during this week of celebrating service whether they could train themselves harder.

Thanks for reading – we have made it ‘Thanks Tuesday’ in the office and have a giant board full of post it notes.



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