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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip #1 ‘Engaging’ National Customer Service Week

3 October 2011 by Alice Cullen

Today marks the start of National Customer Service Week. This year we have upped the ante at UKFast and there are a host of activities taking place. I am blogging each day with a focus on one of my top 5 service tips. The focus today is ‘engage’.

This is my most important tip. You have to put great service at the front of everyone’s minds. What better opportunity than an engaging week of activities centred on customer service? My goal is to engage everyone at UKFast and for us to continue engaging with our clients but this week with a celebrational theme. If you successfully engage your team then everyone can feed into thinking how to continually improve your service. We provide our clients multiple doors to provide us feedback e.g. account manager, net promoter score, ticket feedback, focus groups and twitter.

I’ve just finished presenting two one hour training sessions titled ‘We Want Raving Fans’ with a cross section of the company. I’m buzzing following the sessions and am really happy to hear the team connect with our shared mission. I explained the benefits of Raving Fans and we told stories about great service, whilst I shared some of the great things we are doing. Straight away I have engineers providing me with ideas to improve our service and giving me feedback.

“You need to keep it [Raving Fans] at the front of our minds regularly,” said one team leader.  I completely agree and will start looking for new innovative ways to keep the momentum going. It is great to hear the team want Raving Fans at the front of their minds. I reminded them how attitude was central to our mission. Those with a customer-friendly attitude, who are able to expand their definition of service and carefully manage client expectations were destined to do a great job.

Engaging people requires energy and a strong belief in what you are doing. When fueled with good stories that react with people’s emotions you can really get them on board. Today my focus has been on engaging the whole company on the importance of Raving Fan service. I feel the week is off to a great start and I’m happy with the huge banner and balloons that decorate our office this week with the slogan ‘Celebrating Service’ (Thanks Alice and Rich). Last year was great, but this year’s engagement is even better.