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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

29 September 2011 by Alice Cullen

Today’s blog title is a classic quote that I’m certain most people will smile knowingly with.

I’ve been a project manager at a big corporate and I’m currently in the middle of directing a new musical so I know all about planning. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it feels pointless, but the bottom line is that everytime I’ve done any form of planning better results have been achieved.

I did a small amount of planning to celebrate National Customer Service Week last year and it turned out to be a hugely successful week.

Thankfully with more time and the gift of hindsight we have a well established plan to celebrate National Customer Service Week this year which starts next Monday 3rd till Friday 7th October.

I am eternally thankful for being surrounded by such a passionate team who are willing to pull together and produce posters and videos for the benefit of the wider team. As a result next week there will customer service training, focus groups, videos, fancy dress, decorations, client visits, thank you cards and award ceremonies to name just some of the things we are doing.

Outside of all the fun and celebration it remains our mission to create Raving Fans and deliver consistently excellent service to our clients.

To this end, my focus on preparation is pertinent. Everyone should occasionally take a step back from the keyboard and ask themselves “how can I achieve this?”

If you simply ask yourself a series of tough questions you will very quickly be preparing to succeed.

Whatever your line of work don’t forget to celebreate next week. We all have customers and serve someone. Even football players, CEO’s and movie stars have customers!