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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Hundred New UKFasters

29 September 2011 by Alice Cullen

As we announced this week, UKFast is to embark on a massive recruitment drive and double our staff numbers over the next 18 months. What better time is there to give everyone a little insight into what working at UKFast is like?

For starters it is like no other place I have known. The office, at the top of Manchester’s City Tower is stunning. There are hedges between desks, an inside garden with grass and daisies, not to mention the spectacular view.

We have a playroom with pool table, trampolines and every games console you could think of, and a kitchen with a chef. Free gym access, a personal trainer and fruit for the whole team are a few of the perks of the job.

It is not these physical aspects that make UKFast, it is the team. Every member is motivated, focussed and aiming for the best, but they are also enthusiastic, chatty and approachable.

The whole team is a community.

From our team newsletter to training days at our Mount Snowdon base, camaraderie and community is encouraged and developed at every opportunity.

Running through our team are our five cores values: passionate, dynamic, innovative, supportive and professional; values that every applicant must show before joining the team. We strive to be the best that we can and you will very rarely, if ever, hear anyone in the office say ‘no’.

The ambition and tenacity throughout the company is infectious and is, no doubt, rooted in UKFast’s leadership. To put it simply; MD Lawrence has more drive than Vettel’s RBR Renault.

There are high expectations but equally high rewards – this year top performers in the sales team will be heading off to Las Vegas, last year they were invited to luxury ski-resort Verbier.

Finding a hundred people that will fit the exciting culture of UKFast is going to be a real challenge, but for those lucky enough to join the team – welcome to the start of your UKFast adventure!