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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Symantec State of Security Survey

1 September 2011 by Jenn Granger

This week Symantec released their 2011 State of Security Survey. The survey was based on 3,300 responses from SMBs and larger enterprises in 36 countries.

It reveals that for the second year in a row cyber security is the leading risk facing businesses followed by IT incidents caused by well-meaning insiders and internally generated IT-related threats. 41% of respondents think that cyber security is more important today than it was in 2010.  Just 15% said that cyber security’s importance is somewhat or significantly decreasing.

It seems that the rise in the use of mobile devices is driving the fears over cyber security with 47% considering mobile computing to be the top challenge when trying to stay secure online.

Social media too plays it’s part. 46% of respondents felt that this was the second most pressing concern.

Looking back over the papers for the year, the fact that hackers are seen as the top source of security threats does not come as a surprise. This concern is also well-founded given that 71% of organisations saw cyber attacks in the past 12 months.

However, this is down from 75% last year and losses from such incidents have also dropped. In 2010 100% of those who were affected by a cyber attack suffered a loss. This year that figure is down to 91%. The top losses were downtime, theft of employee’s identity information and theft of intellectual property.

The cost of these attacks is substantial. For SMB’s 20% incurred at least $100,000 in expenses from attacks within the last year. Larger enterprises suffered even more – at least $271,000 in damages.

The most common attacks are in the form of malicious code with social engineering (which includes phishing, spoofing and pre-texting) following closely behind.


To read the full report click here.