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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Round Table Summary – The Future of E-Commerce

31.8.2011 by Alice Cullen

This month's e-commerce themed round table broaches a massive range of topics within the e-commerce umbrella. Our communications director Jonathan Bowers hosted the event as usual and attendees are Nick Rhind, MD of CTI Digital, David Grimes, director at myParcelDelivery, Liam Ahern of I-Com, Rob Walters of thefurnituremarket and UKFast's very own technical director Neil Lathwood. Here we take a look at the key points raised throughout the two-hour debate. The future of e-commerce is a prominent idea running through the debate, with the main focus on mobile and tablet commerce as opposed to the traditional e-commerce routes through a…

A Question of Cloud Reliability

21.8.2011 by Jenn Granger

On Sunday 7th August, part of Amazon's Web Services in Europe were knocked offline after a power failure. The outage caused errors in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 2, Elastic Block Storage and Relational Database Service platforms. The initial explanation…

ZOMG the Dictionary is 100, Woot!

19.8.2011 by Alice Cullen

The internet has revolutionised the way that we shop, communicate and work, and now it is leaving a firm footprint in our language. This week sees the release of the 12th edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary marking 100…

Anticipation of Demand the Key to Success

18.8.2011 by Jenn Granger

Today is A-level results day. For thousands of teenagers across the country, it is a culmination of years of schooling, and a nail-biting wait to see if they get the grades needed for their place at university. According to UCAS,…

Small Networks Can be Beautiful Networks

18.8.2011 by Guest

This is a guest blog by Steve Downes, Managing Director of Juice Digital, Manchester.    In 1992 a British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, suggested that there is a limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social…

There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

16.8.2011 by Jenn Granger

The riots in the UK last week garnered worldwide coverage. Rightly or wrongly, social media took a lot of blame - especially Twitter and BlackBerry messenger (BBM). During the uprisings in the Middle East, especially Egypt, Twitter took a lot…

Microsoft Looks to Crack Cloud Security

11.8.2011 by James Crawshaw

Microsoft is looking to crack one of the key problems in cloud hosting; keeping data secure. Even though the technology offers many advantages, data security is one issue that is putting some companies off switching to the cloud. The team at Microsoft, however,…

Are you Asking Customers “Why?” as well as “What?”

11.8.2011 by Guest

This is a guest blog by Dave Chaffey who is CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights, the digital marketing advice site.  He is a  consultant, speaker and author of 5 acclaimed books on digital marketing including Emarketing Excellence and Internet Marketing: Strategy,…

August 2011 Security Bulletin Release

10.8.2011 by James Crawshaw

As mentioned in August's  Advance notification post this month's security bulletin releases are now confirmed to contain 13 bulletins addressing 22 vulnerabilities, two of which have a critical rating. Microsoft has recommended for all security updates to be installed asap.…

Social Media Justice League

9.8.2011 by Alice Cullen

The past few days have seen chaos descend on our capital city. Quick to play the blame game, news sources gave the violence an affectionate moniker, branding them 'the twitter-riots' and pointing the finger of blame at social networks for…