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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Becoming the Best Tailor

28 July 2011 by Alice Cullen

I am putting the finishing touches to a new process we are hoping to launch in the coming weeks. The working title is the ‘Pre-Launch Questionnaire’. Once fully discussed and reviewed by the wider team who knows how we shall chose to brand it. After all ‘Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi’ was called ‘Blue Harvest’ during its production cycle! What truly matters is the impact of this change.

The questionnaire is a new approach to ensure clients truly understand the specifics of what we are offering them and the low level detail of how it will be configured. I see our service akin to an expert tailor. The client wants a suit and working together we take their measurements, demonstrate and discuss the choice of fabrics and cuts etc. During the process notes are taken and fine details like the colour of the button thread are specified. Ultimately there is a high level of trust put in the tailor to do a good honest job. Of course, if the client spends the next three weeks eating excessively and sitting down all day there is a good chance the suit won’t fit. The best tailor will advise colours that work with your tones and make it clear there are circumstances outside of their control. I’m sure many have politely advised an extra inch on the waist just in case!

Last year I ordered a tailored shirt online. I was confused by the web site’s user interface and the lack of a recall facility at the end of the order meant it arrived and literally went down to my knees! My wife found it hilarious and the online provider asked for photo evidence before shipping me a replacement at no charge. I believe there is a picture of me in the distant Spanish office wearing this giant shirt to the delight of the workers there. If they had a better questionnaire during the build process then they wouldn’t have wasted the time constructing a shirt that wasn’t what I needed or could use.

Full of monitoring options, RAID configurations and load balancing rules I am really excited about getting our new imitative live so we can do an even better job of setting our client expectations, covering the edge cases and providing the client with options they never knew existed. This is a fine contribution to our mission to continually improve our customer service.