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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google+ For Business

19 July 2011 by Jenn Granger

Apparently Google+ has already gained over 10 million users since it’s launch at the beginning of the month.

If accurate, the early signs for the long term success of Google+ are positive.

However, one area that Google are still to explore with its social network is how businesses can utilise it and profit from it.

Early on, some high profile names in the industry set up Google+ accounts under a company name, including Mashable. Last week, Google announced that these profiles would soon be disabled for not being within their guidelines (a better approach to Facebook who would have disabled first, explained later).

So, there is currently no way for a business to legitimately use Google+, but this will change.

Within a week of launch, the Google+ team were happy to confirm that a solution for businesses was going to be coming soon as part of the evolution of the social network.

For me, running the social media for UKFast, an option for businesses is essential. I do not currently spend much time on Google+ because it does not fit into our company’s social strategy. As soon as there is an option for the company, I will be spending more time exploring that, promoting it and generally being more engaged and I will not be the only one. Influential blogs such as Mashable are likely to be the same.

For Google this press is going to be key in building on its early success. The initial buzz is certainly dying down and the risk is that while 10 million users is a decent figure, it is a long way off the 750 million on Facebook. If Google is not able to capture user’s engagement early, it is likely that the number of active users will significantly drop as people lose their initial curiosity.

Are you less engaged with Google+ because of a lack of business presence?