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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Microsoft ‘All In’ Cloud at WPC

13 July 2011 by Alice Cullen

At the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in LA this week, Microsoft revealed that its strategy for the next year is focused around cloud computing.

The announcement will come as little surprise to many as Microsoft has been moving further into cloud technologies more and more over the past five years and few could forget last year’s “all-in” cloud speech.

At this year’s WPC, senior leaders from the company discussed how Microsoft’s partners can benefit from the transition to cloud computing by helping customers to improve agility, focus on business goals and reduce costs.

Satya Nadella, president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, said: “Cloud computing is as big a transformation as we have ever seen.

“By betting on Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to cloud computing, partners can embrace this transformation and build strong and vibrant practices that will advance how business gets done.”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confessed that the company declaring itself “all in” on the cloud at last year’s WPC was scary stuff.

He said: “Well why was last year scary? Last year I basically said at this meeting, ‘We’re all-in on the cloud, 100 percent, and we need partners who want to come with us.’

“It doesn’t mean that the business has all transitioned in the last 12-month period of time, but we’re all in. It is where things are going and we need you to decide whether you’re coming with us. So, to see 15,000 people here at the STAPLES Centre coming with us, pushing to the cloud, pushing Windows Azure, pushing Office 365, that to me is exciting after me being a little nervous last year that some of you might say, hey, we can’t quite be all in the cloud.”

At UKFast we’ve felt the full force of Microsoft’s push into the cloud for the last few years. Back in 2009 we developed the first large scale cloud based on Hyper-V technologies. Our team also worked with Microsoft on the development of their own cloud in the UK.

We were also recently chosen by the Microsoft cloud team as one of two partners to make video promotions around the cloud.

Back at the conference Microsoft also hinted at the new, much-anticipated, Windows 8. Tami Reller, leader of business and marketing for Microsoft Windows revealed: “We designed Windows 8 from the ground up to be excellent for touch-only tablets – and to work with the keyboard and mouse.”

The release date for Windows 8 is scheduled in for Autumn next year but whispers on the grapevine have suggested the launch may come as early as July 2012.