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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Time to Train

12 July 2011 by Alice Cullen

No one can buy more time. To quote William Shakespeare “Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends”.

We spend years of our life in ‘training’ as we pass through various schools and colleges. Finally, we land ourselves a job and in many cases the training stops dead. You may find half-baked training plans or a small budget that will fund an online course- if you can justify why you need it. I don’t believe training is taken seriously enough in many organizations. It is seen as unnecessary expense or a waste of time. Thankfully UKFast does not share this opinion. I prefer to classify training as coaching, mentoring and teaching which must be continual.

How many jobs have you had where it took over six months to become familiar with the culture and processes? I have – more than once.

How many times has there been an error that’s affected a client and you’ve determined there is a training need to prevent it in the future. I have – more than once.

I see training as one of the key activities a company should do.

How can you meet expectations if you don’t know what the expectations are or what steps to take to meet them? Training.

How do you stop yourself making the wrong judgement for a client? Training.

I spent twenty minutes today with some new engineers coaching them on how our escalation system works and why. It was very informal and ensured I followed my simple rules to keep it engaging like including activities, re-enforcing key messages and using examples.

Despite a lengthy task list of responsibilities it is important that I always plan time to ensure our team is getting the training it needs to succeed. I have just slipped into my next time slot of the day so I’ll finish here and hope everyone makes time to train this week even if it’s picking up a book to read on the train.