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Welcome to Googlers Anonymous

29 June 2011 by Alice Cullen

If I asked you what are the opening times of the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing, how would you answer? Google it?

If you were planning a route or were lost in the middle of nowhere how would you find your way? Google Maps?

If you missed Beyonce’s epic performance at Glastonbury (or Queen’s of the Stone Age if that’s more your thing), how would you watch it? YouTube?

And, if you were a teenager looking for a ‘totally amazing’ Justin Bieber wallpaper for your netbook, how would you find one? Google Images?

It comes as no surprise then that Google’s assault on world domination has reached another, unprecedented, milestone by reaching more than one billion visitors in one month!

This May, the number of unique users of Google sites reached 1billion, double the 496million users of five years ago, no doubt helped along by the company’s acquisition of online video heavyweight YouTube.

Many people expected Facebook to steal the crown from Google, but the social network only tipped 714million unique users per month, leaving the goliath sitting third in the rank and Microsoft failing to regain the top-spot with their 905million users that month plonking them in second place.

With almost 100million more users than Microsoft, Google has a pretty safe bumper at the top, however in such fast paced times if you are not moving forward you’re going backward, so how can the Google brand hang on to their spot on the pedestal?

Well, they are currently negotiating a deal to buy online ad company Admeld Inc, which they hope can grow to rival its web-search ad business, which generated a mere $30billion (more than £18.5billion) in revenue last year alone.

To keep up with Facebook, Google have bought into the growing ‘like and share’ culture with Google +1. The +1 buttons lets you give your stamp of approval to your favourite sites and it is shared with people you are linked to on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter (anyone you are linked to through your Google account) and places them higher in the rankings for these people, saving the customary trawl through results until you find the one you need.

Expanding on this, today they have launched Google+, their newest attempt to crack the social media landscape.

The Google Android platform is storming the mobile and tablet computer market, with PCWorld revealing today that 500,000 Android devices are activated every day and reviewers claiming it to be the best mobile operating system.

Non-Android smartphone users can still download the Google apps; Google Goggles for iPhone is one of the most advanced search engine tools, providing search results from images ‘seen’ through the phone’s camera; as well as Google Translate, Google Earth, Google Shopper, Google Authenticator, and now Google Wallet, the company are providing cutting edge invaluable tools to make every day life easier. Plus Google Translate is a lot of fun discovering how to say ridiculous phrases in complicated languages!

It seems that the California web-search giant is fast becoming the mobile giant, tablet giant, video giant and marketing giant of the web, making itself an invaluable tool for every aspect of every-day life.

So I guess that it is time to face the truth… My name is Alice and I am addicted to Google.


Note: The data, collected by ComScore, is based on a “global measurement panel” of two million internet users, refined using “page view” data received from 90 of the 100 publishers of web content, but not from Google.