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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Spectacles, Car-keys, Google Wallet and Watch

16 June 2011 by Lady Penelope

So, you can email, photograph, locate yourself and play a million and one useless games, all from the comfort of your very own mobile communication device. What other avenue to venture into then than that of portable bank cards.

Google recently announced it’s latest development “Google Wallet”. In a nutshell this acts very much like a virtual wallet, meaning that the traditional plastic credit and debit cards will soon be obsolete. You simply upload all of your account information, loyalty and reward cards and bosh, away you go. Simply look for the wireless payment options whenever you go shopping and a quick flash of your phone will arrange the necessary payment and ensure that any reward points or discounts are suitably arranged. Quite a nifty piece of kit if you can get it up and running.

The possibilities are endless also, enabling ecommerce not only on the move but with more ease and availability than ever. Making payment abroad may become easier also as with a couple of clicks or prods of your screen and you’re active and away in as many countries around the world as you like.

Orange-T-mobile, Vodafone and O2 said their aim is to join forces in creating a mobile commerce network to join retailers, banks and advertisers together. As Japan and the far-East are already leading the way it seems that the West is somewhat behind in the rise for mobile banking and applications.

The idea and the technology that comes with it are really quite staggering. And yet, call me a cynic, but I can’t help think that it has the inevitability of sheer and utter disaster. Take the example of a common occurrence – you have succumbed to commodity fetishism and always have the latest mobile device whether it be android or smartphone; not out of vanity or for love of gadgets however, but because you have lost them at one time or another. At one time there would have been fret at a stranger having access to intimate text messages and photographs, but with this new Google application it opens up the possibility for a wide scale fraud campaign. And how do the credit card companies and banks anticipate to insure and offer a contingency plan against this? We await their response.

Google never fails to astound us with their ground breaking applications and easy-to-use interfaces so the promise of remote security and control over the merchant accounts that can access our banking details should prove an interesting project to undertake. I think, for many this may be an “on recommendation” download, as there is more information and proof of the security systems put in place for the sceptics that may have just been victim to the Sony hackers.


What do you think about the Google Wallet – the future or a project doomed to fail?