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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Welcome Aboard

7 June 2011 by Alice Cullen

Do you find yourself deleting bulletin emails and skipping terms and conditions when you install software or sign a mobile phone contract? I often do. The internet has made information free to all and if you are not prepared you can get bombarded with it. Very quickly I’ve found myself drowning in so called information and the chances of missing useful things like purchase confirmations or friends invitations increases. I love information and I love the internet, but I am regularly asking the question ‘do I need to know this?’, ‘can I do this differently?’ or ‘what is the key message?’.

Some companies do a great job of keeping things simple and I smile in appreciation everytime I receive Apple’s latest promotional video. They make it simple for me by ensuring I know the important things – they also use a nice big play button that is hard to miss!

As head of customer service I want everyone who joins UKFast to have a pleasant experience coming on board. It is our desire to make the transition as simple and smooth as possible whilst also ensuring expectations are set from the start. How else are we going to exceed them? To this end, I am working closely with our communications and technical teams as we take our introductory packs to the next level. Naturally we cannot answer everyone’s questions with a high level introduction, but this is where we take the opportunity to really blow our customers socks off and engage them in conversation.

As the internet has flourished and companies have grown, talking directly to customers has become a cost many businesses look to cut by using automated phone systems and convoluted online help systems. Not UKFast. We may be focussing on providing punchy introductory videos, but we shall never forget to make that simple call to say ‘welcome aboard’ and listen to what we can do to help.