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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Microsoft OSG Loves Linux Technologies

23 May 2011 by Jenn Granger

You don’t expect to hear about Microsoft dedicating an entire section of their company to Open Source projects, and the revelation that they do came as a big surprise to many members of our Linux team.

The Open Solutions Group (OSG) is an organization at Microsoft responsible for making sure solutions are brought to market that will function with a selection of open source vendors.

This work uses over a thousand servers, each dedicated to different open source software. The aim of all this is to make sure there is greater interoperability between Windows and Linux environments.

The focus of the OSG includes virtualisation, cross-platform management, service automation, and support. The collaboration between Microsoft and open source partners brings together technologies and resources to aid hosting companies, like us, to fully leverage the power of technologies like cloud computing and meet the changing demands of our clients.

Microsoft has been working with select open source partners since 2006 and the organisation has helped over 700 customers overcome critical interoperability challenges related to mixed-source virtualisation and cross-platform management.

As one of OSG’s open source partners, we met with representatives of the team when they came over from Washington to meet us last month.

The benefits of cross platform management are of interest to many of our Windows clients as it allows them to take advantage of innovative open source technologies that previously would not have worked with the Windows OS.